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The Blue Green Team

Leading marketing innovation.

Since 2009, we have grown into a diverse team of creative marketing engineers. We come from fields inside and outside of marketing and digital, and all of us are focused on providing exceptional, novel value.

Jeff Eckman

Founder & CEO — Relationship-First, Design, Organizational Behavior, MIT Sloan, Reggae, Pressure Cooker, Husband and Dad, Boston Music Scene

I am passionate about creating new things, personal growth, enjoying the many fruits of earnest labor, and working with tools that balance elegance and utility, (to name just a few passions). Let’s create!

Ryan Cormier

Lead Marketing Technologist, Web Development, Javascript, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL, Engineering, Kayaking, Italian Chef, Old Soul

I am a web developer, focused on building exceptional customer experiences that help to generate more sales for our clients. I have always been intrigued by problem solving and making procedures more efficient. Logic is primary above all else.

Michael Del Muro

Lead Designer, Creative Director, Graphic Design, UX Design, Web Design, Creative, Product Design

I am an avid designer, artist and musician with a passion for film, photography, cooking and wrestling pebbles.

Deborah Eckman

VP, Operations & Sister to the CEO, Marketing Strategy, A/B Testing Strategy, Creative, Copywriting

I’m a creative type who values hard work and humor equally. I love working in small, diverse teams to solve complex problems. According to Spotify, Chamber Pop and Metropopolis are two of my favorite genres—you learn something new everyday.

Steve Briggs

Brand & Strategic Development, Client Relationship Management, Team, P&L Management, Problem Solver, Collaborator, Family, Skiing, Sailing

I am a seasoned, strategic, and principled marketing leader with a proven track record of capitalizing on opportunities, solving problems and growing businesses—with deep expertise in nationally recognized brands.

Enrique Martin

Project Management, Marketing, Languages, PR, Animal Lover, Geography Freak

Originally from Spain, after studying Communications and 4 languages in Europe, I decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean. As Andre Gide said “Humans cannot discover new oceans unless they’ve the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Benvenuto y get Hygge!

J.D. Greenfield

Product Management, Marketing Technologist, Marketing Strategy, Running, Skiing, Woodworking, Photography, The Great Outdoors

I am a strong-minded, resourceful individual with a passion for creation. I take pride in what I do and am determined to exceed the expectations of those around me, each and every day. I appreciate a good beer and a freshly mowed lawn, and I don't believe in luck.

Bhargav Lakkur

Full Stack Developer, Cricket, Movies, Documentaries, How Stuff Works

I'm self-motivated and excited developer ready to take up challenging tasks. I concentrate on details with everything that I work with.

Monil Shah

Writing, Marketing Technology, Acting, Meditation, Reading, Stoic Philosophy, Curiosity Stream

I like developing things from scratch with curiosity and empathy. Originally from Bombay, India, I came to Boston four years ago and am grateful to call this beautiful city, home. More than success, I think we need more kindness in our lives.

Sandy Dawkins

Account Service & Project Management, Public Relations, Marketing Content Development, Speaker Programs Management, Thought Leadership Events, Scrabble Enthusiast, Political Awareness

I am a seasoned marketing communications, public and media relations professional with in-house and agency experience. I am charged with account service management, including project management, copywriting, building, deploying, and optimizing memorable and actionable web experiences.