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Our unique approach to digital experience optimization.

Our method breaks down into a simple cycle of three interlocking solutions, each building upon the next to create a complete system of ideation, production, and understanding—driving growth.

The core to Blue Green's offering.

We help marketing and web production teams create, prioritize, and bring their ideas to market. Our goal is to give teams the tools and framework to do more with less—capture ideas, objectively compare their viability, rapidly produce and iterate on experiences, and better understand your audience—resulting in a clear pipeline and greater returns from marketing efforts.


Optimization Prioritization Modeling

We help brands develop a powerful and objective prioritization model—built to create, ingest, and promote the most effective web experience concepts and ideas.

Agile Web Experience Production

Our practices maximize parallel work-streams, minimize development dependencies, and bypass traditional organizational roadblocks—empowering marketing teams to do more.

Web Analytics & Attribution Enhancement

Implement foundational, cross-channel attribution to demystify visitor behavior, and and establish measurable KPIs for continued success in optimizing web experiences.