Our clients love our approach to marketing optimization.

We capitalize on the strengths of a dynamic, multi-dimensional segmented customer journey that embeds conversion points deep into customer experiences rather than relying on relatively static, one-dimensional flows.

Lowering the barriers between marketers and outcomes.

“Blue Green’s unique approach helped us rapidly deploy winning marketing programs—ultimately delivering millions in value.”

—Marketing Manager, Fortune 500 Company, Consumer Financial Services

Demand Generation


annualized revenue growth over two years


increase in conversion rate from paid search


ROI on our services

The Story.

Prior to engaging with Blue Green, a healthcare tech company was serving approximately 20,000 customers and generating $150MM in annual revenue. The client was using paid search as a means of acquiring leads for its inside sales teams, but at low yields relative to what we felt they could achieve.

Our Solution.

Blue Green developed and deployed an A/B test program with several alternative digital customer experiences aimed at maximizing qualified leads from the client’s paid search advertising program, across several key product lines. Today, with $5.5B market capitalization, the company continues to innovate with new products, and the company is driving strong year-over-year growth with the platform that Blue Green introduced in 2009, realizing a 3X growth in their customer base, and a 4X growth in revenues.

TV to Web


revenue growth from paid search


increase in leads from paid search


ROI on TV ad spend

The Story.

A national franchise was realizing significant revenues from its direct marketing efforts but looking to optimize their sales funnel conversions. Before engaging with Blue Green, the client was realizing a healthy return on a multi-million dollar search engine advertising spend while also leveraging traditional media channels (TV, print, billboard/outdoor).

Our Solution.

Blue Green implemented a central lead generation system while delivering and testing several Self-Targeting® digital web experiences against controls. The dual solution executed by Blue Green resulted in a progressive lift in ad-click-to-lead submission rates, lead quantity growth and lead quality enhancement.

New Customer Activation


annualized profit growth


customer experiences developed and tested


ROI on our services

The Story.

A global financial services company was experiencing sufficient new customer signup for free accounts by leveraging a one-size fits all approach. However, many of these accounts were going unused and failed to convert to revenue-generating customers, an issue that was prevalent across several regions including the US, Latin America and Canada.

Our Solution.

Blue Green applied Self-Targeting® web experience designs in a third party platform environment, helping the client adopt a new, modernized workflow while allowing for rapid and flexible testing of marketing programs. We implemented an agile marketing process that put marketers in more control of content development with shorter launch cycles, and eliminated the need for time-consuming IT and operations support. Analytics were added, tracking from upstream customer segments to key business metrics, including individual account financial measurements and overall profitability.

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